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Who are we?

Great question!  By now we hope you've looked through our projects section and have gotten an idea as to the kind of work we do but in today's world, we realize it is imperative to understand the heart of the companies you attach to your projects and what their values are.  So who are we really? 

For starters, Zionic Arts is the rebranded visual arts business of professional illustrator and concept artist Rob Joseph.  We endeavor to provide professional quality illustrations and concept designs for individuals and studios working to bring entertainment products to life.  From graphic novel and book illustrations to designs for the gaming and film industry, our studio truly has a passion for aiding quality entertainment with our unique creative style.



Why "zionic"?

is that even a word?

ZIONIC [ zahy-uhn-ik]


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a Heaven-like quality. 



Ok ok, we made that up.  It's true, try as you might you aren't going to find this one in the dictionary.  That's because our company name is a combination of two words, Zion and Iconic.  The purpose of this is directly tied to our company's values, mission, and culture.  Since company culture always trickles down from the top, to understand Zionic Arts, you must first understand its creator.  



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Rob Joseph, Owner

Rob conceived the entity Zionic Arts, LLC after creating art and designs professionally as a freelancer for nine years under the business's former name the Art of Rob Joseph.  It's still the art of Rob Joseph technically but it's also much more now. 

Rob is an artist and entrepreneur but he is also a husband, father, and most importantly an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ.  As you may have guessed already,  Rob's christian faith is where the first part of Zionic comes from. The values found in the bible are what sets the culture of our company apart from the crowd and what also makes the work we do for our clients stand out.        





So what does all this mean for your project and why does it matter?  Our company culture is firmly grounded in the fundamental christian values of hard work, hopeful/positive thinking, wise actions, integrity, and excellence.  We work as if it were for the Lord, and what that leaves our clients with is a final product that has been created to the absolute utmost of our ability and not only meets but enhances their vision.  All this comes paired with a side of decidedly first-rate communication and customer service!  

We recognize that a lot of big claims were made here but it is sincerely the standard we operate under.  Thanks for opting to learn more about us!  We hope you will consider contacting us so we can bring our signature "Zionic" quality to your next big project today.   




internal projects


That's right!  It is the long term goal of Zionic Arts to branch out from just doing illustrations and designs and into the gaming and animation industries.  With this in mind, we are hard at work behind the scenes on our own in house projects that we hope to be able to begin announcing in the next few years.  We have a long way to go yet, and staying true to the Zionic way, if we are going to do it then we are going to do it right.  

If you sign up to our news letter by entering your email in the footer below, you can be the first to hear of any new developments pertaining to our future in house projects!  

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